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AVSL (A Very {Simple|Small|Safe} Language) in a nutshell
Easy to learn and use by beginning programmers
Easy to relearn and use by "perpetual intermediate" programmers
Suitable for use as a front-end language (not in a browser)
Not infuriating to advanced programmers modulo syntax
Support a "professional" syntax
Case insensitive (except strings)
Everything should be as simple as possible but no simpler
High-level design choices:
Mostly intended for easy UI programming
Supports both GUI/TUI and CLI users, probably with different clients
Simple imperative language (neither OO nor FP)
Dynamically typed
Numbers are not exact or inexact, operators are
Python-style indentation
ABC (the ancestor of Python)
PROMAL (language for Apple II and Commodore C64)
Numbers (immutable)
Dates (immutable) TBD
Texts (immutable)
Truth values (immutable)
Null (immutable)
Lists (mutable)
Dictionaries (mutable)
Simple lexical syntax:
Single-line commands
Case insensitive
Variables and keywords: start with a Unicode letter, then Unicode letters and digits
Number formats: 123, 3/4 123.45, 0.1, 1.0, 3.2e10, 3.2e-10, 0.nan, 0.inf
Date format: 2020-12-27T20:02:05+07:00 (or -07:00)
Text (string) formats: "this", 'that', "nested ""quotes"" doubled", """quotes
with newlines""" (because line-oriented language)
Truth values: true, false
Null value: null
Dates: ISO 8601
Compound lexical syntax:
Lists: [exp, ...) or []
Sets: {expr,...} ; notation for empty set is SET()
Dictionaries: {entry:value, ...} or {}
Subscripting: [expr] for selection, [expr:expr] for slicing lists or strings; return copies
also allowed where vars are
Commands for collections:
ADD expr TO expr ; for sets
ADD KEY expr VALUE expr TO expr ; for dictionaries
ADD expr TO expr AT expr ; for lists
REMOVE expr FROM expr ; for sets and dictionaries
REMOVE exper TO expr FROM expr ; for lists
Block commands:
IF expr: ; No else clause
SELECT: expr1 ; Execute block on first expr2 = expr1
expr2: ; Default expr1 is true
LOOP WHILE expr: ; Execute block while expr is true
LOOP var IN expr: ; Loop over collections
LOOP var FROM expr TO expr: ; Loop over numeric range (inclusive)
Input commands:
TIE INPUT type -> var ; Request input of the specified type
; to be put in var (now in CLI, linkage set up in GUI)
TIE CHOICE set-expr -> var ; Similar, but user picks one element of the set
TIE CHOICES set-expr -> var ; Similar, but user picks one or more elements of the set
WAIT text-expr ; Display text-expr to user (possibly as a button)
; and suspend execution until the user responds
; Note: tied variables are frozen after this
WAIT IMAGE url-expr ; Same idea, but image is fetched from URL
HTTP commands:
GET url-expr -> var STATUS var
PUT expr -> url-expr STATUS var
POST|PATCH expr TO url-expr -> var STATUS var
REMOVE url-expr STATUS var
Results become an image, a list of strings, or an arbitrary object when JSON, or ???
Assignment and binding:
PUT expr -> var ; Assign to mutable variable
LET var BE expr ; Bind variables to immutable variable
LET var, ... BE expr, ... ; Bind variables to immutable variables from series
Miscellaneous commands:
SHARE var, ... ; Declare a global variable (globally or locally)
CHECK bool-expr ; Program aborts if expr is false
SHOW expr, ... ; Output values of expressions
SHOW expr, ... , ; Final comma suppresses newline
SHOW LINK url TEXT string ; Display a link
DEBUG PRINT expr, ... ; Sent to the console window
SHOW IMAGE url-expr ; Fetch image from URL and show it
SET RANDOM ; Randomize the random number sequence
DONE ; Terminate defined command or program
RETURN expr ; Return value from an operator
HOW TO keywords <var ...> ... ; Multiple keywords allowed
[ -> <var> ...] ; Variable names are in explicit angle brackets
OPERATION <var> keywords <var> ; Define a dyadic operation
OPERATION keywords <var> ; Define a monadic operator
Arithmetic operators:
+, -, *, / ; Exact but sometimes slow
.+, .-, .*, ./ ; Fast but inexact
ROOT expr ; square root
expr1 ROOT expr2 ; expr1-th root
- expr ; negation
Other numeric operators:
ABS expr
SIGN expr
FLOOR expr, CEILING expr, ROUND expr
expr1 MOD expr2
RANDOM, RANDOM expr ; random number from 0 to 1, random integer from 0 to expr
MIN expr, MAX expr ; minimum or maximum of list of numbers
TBD: trig, exp, log
Text operators:
LOWER expr, UPPER expr
STRIP expr
expr1 JOIN expr2 ; join list of texts in expr2 using expr1
expr1 SPLIT expr2 ; split list of texts in expr2 using expr1 delimiter
Truth value operators:
Date operators:
Set operators
SET () ; return empty set
Conversion operators:
Applying LIST to a list or DICTIONARY to a dictionary makes a copy.
NUMBER expr ; converts text to number
TEXT expr ; uses lexical-syntax representations of all other types
DATE expr ; string to date, number??
LIST expr ; converts text, dictionary
; dictionary becomes list of 2-element lists
DICTIONARY expr ; converts list of 2-element lists
Generic operators:
expr1 ++ expr2 ; concatenate texts, lists, sets, dictionaries
; text can be concatenated with anything (?)
LENGTH expr ; length of texts, lists, sets, dictionaries, series
<, =, >, <=, >=, != ; compare texts, sets, numbers
IN, NOT IN ; inclusion in texts, lists, sets, dictionaries
CHOICE OF expr ; choose random item from list, set
SQLite support?
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