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load_object monkeypatch
def load_object(path):
"""Load an object given its absolute object path, and return it.
object can be a class, function, variable o instance.
path ie: 'scrapy.contrib.downloadermiddelware.redirect.RedirectMiddleware'
# monkeypatch
if not isinstance(path, basestring):
return path
# monkeypatch
dot = path.rindex('.')
except ValueError:
raise ValueError, "Error loading object '%s': not a full path" % path
module, name = path[:dot], path[dot+1:]
mod = __import__(module, {}, {}, [''])
except ImportError, e:
raise ImportError, "Error loading object '%s': %s" % (path, e)
obj = getattr(mod, name)
except AttributeError:
raise NameError, "Module '%s' doesn't define any object named '%s'" % (module, name)
return obj
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