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Django Rest Framework underscore <-> camelcase conversion
import re
from rest_framework import serializers, renderers, parsers
class JSONRenderer(renderers.JSONRenderer):
def render(self, data, *args, **kwargs):
if data:
data = recursive_key_map(underscore_to_camelcase, data)
return super(JSONRenderer, self).render(data, *args, **kwargs)
class JSONParser(parsers.JSONParser):
def parse(self, *args, **kwargs):
obj = super(JSONParser, self).parse(*args, **kwargs)
return recursive_key_map(camelcase_to_underscore, obj)
def underscore_to_camelcase(word, lower_first=True):
result = ''.join(char.capitalize() for char in word.split('_'))
if lower_first:
return result[0].lower() + result[1:]
return result
_first_cap_re = re.compile('(.)([A-Z][a-z]+)')
_all_cap_re = re.compile('([a-z0-9])([A-Z])')
def camelcase_to_underscore(word):
s1 = _first_cap_re.sub(r'\1_\2', word)
return _all_cap_re.sub(r'\1_\2', s1).lower()
def recursive_key_map(function, obj):
if isinstance(obj, dict):
new_dict = {}
for key, value in obj.iteritems():
if isinstance(key, basestring):
key = function(key)
new_dict[key] = recursive_key_map(function, value)
return new_dict
if hasattr(obj, '__iter__'):
return [recursive_key_map(function, value) for value in obj]
return obj

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tomchristie commented Jun 28, 2013

neat 😄


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johtso commented Jun 28, 2013

Just fixed an issue with it choking on non-string keys. Not sure if it's Unicode friendly at the moment, need to pipe some through it and see where it breaks.


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jacobg commented Jun 28, 2013



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marcgibbons commented Nov 9, 2013

nice one!


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rockallite commented Dec 19, 2017

from django.utils.text import re_camel_case

def camel_case_to_underscore(value):
    Splits CamelCase and converts to lower case with underscores.
    return re_camel_case.sub(r'_\1', value).strip('_').lower()

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