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Last active December 16, 2023 14:00
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RTE AutoSave Function and Global Variable Declaration
var iteration = 0;
// Javascript Interval used to call the function saveNote every X seconds.
var saveInterval = null;
// Page item used to store how many Milliseconds to wait
// between checks to see if the RTE field has changed.
var saveIntervalMS = $v("P50_SAVE_INTERVAL_MS");
// The maximum number of times we should check for changes.
// Between these two values we could say chek for changes every
// 30 seconds and stop after an hour.
var saveIterations = $v("P50_SAVE_ITERATIONS");
function saveNote () {
// Keep count of how many times we have checked to see if the note has changed.
iteration ++;
// Detect if there have been changes to the Rich Text field.
// apex.item( "P50_NOTE_CONTENT" ).isChanged() will not work because
// the item does not get marked as changed until you have tabbed out of it.
if (tinymce.activeEditor.isDirty()) { (' > Iteration [%s] - Saving Changes', iteration);
// tinymce.activeEditor.getContent() fetches the content of the Rich Text field.
// apex.server.chunk splits the CLOB into an
// array with no more than 8000 chars in each chunk.
var f1 = apex.server.chunk( tinymce.activeEditor.getContent() );
if ( !Array.isArray( f1 ) ) {
f1 = [f1];
// Call the PL/SQL Ajax Process called SAVE_NOTE. Set global variables x01, x02, and f01
// with the Note ID, the latest Checksum for the note, and the chuncked array.
// We will be able to pick up the values for these variables in the PL/SQL Process.
apex.server.process( "SAVE_NOTE", {
x01: $v("P50_NOTE_ID"),
x02: $v("P50_NOTE_CHECKSUM"),
f01: f1
success: function( data ) {
// Process the response from the PL/SQL Process.
if (data.status_code === 'S') {
// Let the TinyMCE Editor know there are no more changes to save.
tinymce.activeEditor.isNotDirty = true;
// Set a page item with the new checksum calculkated by the PL/SQL process. (' > New Checksum: ', data.new_checksum);
// Let APEX know there are no changes to save.;
} else {
// Stop the Interval so we don't keep trying to save after an error.
// Show the error from the PL/SQL Ajax Process.
{type: "error", location: ["page"], message: data.status_msg, unsafe: false}
// Something bad happened.
error: function( jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown ) {
/* Show a Generic Error Message */
{type: "error", location: ["page"], message: 'Unable to Save Note', unsafe: false}
} else {
// The note has not changed, nothing to do. (' > Iteration [%s] - No Changes to Save', iteration);
// If we have reached the Mac number of iterations then stop the interval.
if (iteration > saveIterations) {
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