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BackstopJS script to check out and test a branch against development
git diff-index --quiet HEAD -- &>/dev/null
if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
echo "Git status isn't clean! Please commit all changes first"
exit 1
echo "Checking out development..."
git checkout development &>/dev/null
git pull origin development &>/dev/null
echo "Building latest development changes..."
npm run dev &>/dev/null
echo "Making Backstop reference files from development..."
echo "==================================================="
backstop reference &>/dev/null
echo "Checking out $1..."
git fetch &>/dev/null
git checkout $1 &>/dev/null
echo "Building $1..."
npm run dev &>/dev/null
echo "Testing $1..."
echo "==================================================="
backstop test &>/dev/null
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