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chef recipe to add delayed_job workers to monit to run them on Engine Yard cloud instances
# Cookbook Name:: delayed_job
# Recipe:: default
node[:applications].each do |app_name, data|
user = node[:users].first
case node[:instance_role]
when "solo", "app", "app_master"
worker_name = "job_runner" #safer to make this "#{app_name}_job_runner" if the environment might run multiple apps using delayed_job
# The symlink is created in /data/app_name/current/tmp/pids -> /data/app_name/shared/pids, but shared/pids doesn't seem to be?
directory "/data/#{app_name}/shared/pids" do
owner node[:owner_name]
group node[:owner_name]
mode 0755
template "/etc/monit.d/delayed_job_worker.#{app_name}.monitrc" do
source "delayed_job_worker.monitrc.erb"
owner user[:username]
group user[:username]
mode 0644
:app_name => app_name,
:user => node[:owner_name],
:worker_name => worker_name,
:framework_env => node[:environment][:framework_env]
# Reload monit to pick up configuration changes
bash "monit-reload-restart" do
user "root"
code "monit reload && monit"
#kill all workers to remove any orphaned workers caused when monit spawns extra processes
code "pidof #{worker_name} | xargs --no-run-if-empty kill"
#were the above not a concern we could simply restart the job runner in the new environment
#code "monit restart #{worker_name}"
check process <%= @worker_name %>
with pidfile /data/<%= @app_name %>/shared/pids/<%= @worker_name %>.pid
start program = "/data/<%= @app_name %>/current/script/delayed_job start -- <%= @framework_env %>" as uid <%= @user %>
stop program = "/data/<%= @app_name %>/current/script/delayed_job stop -- <%= @framework_env %>" as uid <%= @user %>
group <%= @app_name %>_jobs
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