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bitcoin-qt bash script to make bootstrap.dat of all the blocks, and check that the client is shutdown, if that matters
#! /bin/bash
echo $PWD
if ps aux | grep -q "[b]itcoin" ; then
echo "bitcoin is running, shut it down before running this script again"
ps aux | grep "[b]itcoin"
for i in blk*.dat
sec="$(date +%S)"
echo $i ">>" "bootstrap.dat" $sec
cat $i >> bootstrap.dat

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@jonasbits jonasbits commented Aug 24, 2014

as pointed out on IRC, this script does not create a exact duplica of the torrent data of jgarzik. This is because of stale blocks (not included because they waste space), zero-padding (block files are preallocated). The script does work and you can use the file it create, but its not a deterministic copy, meaning its unique to your client.

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