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Tarsnap install
# Author: Jonas Lejon <>
# 2014-05-30 For Ubuntu
# Usage:
# ./ <tarsnap-email>
if [ -z "$1" ]
echo "No argument supplied"
exit 1
sudo apt-get install -y curl libssl-dev zlib1g-dev e2fslibs-dev build-essential
curl -o tarsnap-autoconf-1.0.37.tgz
curl -o tarsnap-sigs-1.0.37.asc
curl -o tarsnap-signing-key.asc
gpg --import tarsnap-signing-key.asc
gpg --decrypt tarsnap-sigs-1.0.37.asc
echo - "SHA256: "
sha256sum tarsnap-autoconf-1.0.37.tgz
read -p "Do the SHA256 checksum match above? (y/n) " RESP
if [ "$RESP" = "n" ]; then
exit 2
tar xvfz tarsnap-autoconf-1.0.37.tgz
cd tarsnap-autoconf-1.0.37
sudo make install
sudo mkdir /usr/local/tarsnap-cache
sudo tarsnap-keygen --keyfile /root/tarsnap.key --user $1 --machine `hostname`
sudo chmod 600 /root/tarsnap.key
sudo cp /usr/local/etc/tarsnap.conf.sample /usr/local/etc/tarsnap.conf
## Append some extras to the conf
echo "exclude access.log" | sudo tee -a /usr/local/etc/tarsnap.conf
echo "exclude error.log" | sudo tee -a /usr/local/etc/tarsnap.conf
echo "humanize-numbers" | sudo tee -a /usr/local/etc/tarsnap.conf
echo "Don't forget to take a copy of /root/tarsnap.key and store it somewhere really safe!"
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