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Last active May 12, 2023 20:45
May 12 2023 - Setup Jest with React and Vite

Setup Jest, React (TypeScript) and Vite

First off, create a new Vite/React project:

npm init vite --template react-ts <YOUR APP NAME> \
&& cd <YOUR APP NAME> \
&& npm i \
&& npm i -D jest \
 @types/jest \
jonathanbell / An extremely bare-bones example of R in
Last active March 18, 2023 02:16
March 17 2023 - An extremely bare-bones example of R in Docker
jonathanbell / Compare two dates in
Last active March 17, 2023 23:06
March 17 2023 - Compare two dates in VBA
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Compare two dates in VBA

Simple example showing how to compare two dates by first converting them to epoch Unix timestamps.

jonathanbell / Example VS Code project
Last active March 28, 2023 23:41
March 17 2023 - Example settings for your `.vscode` folder
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jonathanbell / Jonathan Goes
Last active March 25, 2023 20:34
March 17 2018 - Jonathan Goes Windows
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Jonathan Goes Windows

It's "official", I have switched to Windows! Some may call me crazy (and maybe I am) but I've actually been enjoying the web dev experience on Windoze. Like those brave soles before me, I have decided that it's time to combat the Mac monoculture and try something different.

It's strange to me that the web is all about open technologies and inclusiveness and then we all use Mac and preach our technology choices hard from the rooftops. I started off using Windows for photography in 2005 on a severely under powered machine, switched over to Mac around 2007 and then became a semi-hardcore Linux user from about 2013 to 2018. I've come to learn that it really doesn't matter which machine the web developer is using, as long as they get the job done at the end of the day.

Tools That Made the Switch Easier

Obviously, I couldn't give up the tools that I need to do my job. I was curious if there would be useful alternatives on Windows. Tur

jonathanbell /
Last active March 18, 2023 00:03
August 28 2014 - InstaRss


I was looking around for a way to get a user's public Instagram feed as an RSS feed without using the Instagram API when I came across this question on Stack Overflow.

Probably the best way to do this, would be to use the Instagram API. However, I had no desire to sign up for an Instagram account.

Initially, this answer on Stack Overflow suited my needs quite well. However, as fate would have it, Instagram changed its HTML output and the page's JSON data structure changed. Since the idea is quite simple (we're just screen scrapping here) I decided to write my own script. If this works well for you, consider upvoting my answer on Stack Overflow: