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Get-BricksetSetOwned - more sets
Get-BricksetSetOwned | ft Name,Number,Theme,QtyOwned -AutoSize
name number theme qtyOwned
---- ------ ----- --------
The Cannibal Escape 4182 Pirates of the Caribbean 1
First Order Stormtrooper 30602 Star Wars 1
Millennium Falcon 75105 Star Wars 1
Carbon-Freezing Chamber 75137 Star Wars 1
Rebel U-wing Fighter 75155 Star Wars 1
Rebel Trooper Battle Pack 75164 Star Wars 2
Imperial Trooper Battle Pack 75165 Star Wars 1
Battle on Scarif 75171 Star Wars 1
Iron Man vs. Ultron 76029 Marvel Super Heroes 1
Heroes of Justice: Sky High Battle 76046 DC Comics Super Heroes 1
Mighty Micros: Captain America vs. Red Skull 76065 Marvel Super Heroes 1
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