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Example Multi Level Object
createdDate : 9/15/16 4:28:26 PM
lastUpdated : 9/15/16 4:28:26 PM
version : 0
id : 8731ceb3-01cd-4dd6-834e-49a9aa8057d8
name : Reservation01
reservationTypeId : Infrastructure.Reservation.Virtual.vSphere
tenantId : Tenant01
subTenantId : b010265c-bd9c-4dd3-84e0-7ee8beee8e5c
enabled : True
priority : 1
reservationPolicyId :
alertPolicy : @{enabled=False; frequencyReminder=0; emailBgMgr=True; recipients=System.Object[]; alerts=System.Object[]}
extensionData : @{entries=System.Object[]}
{@{key=reservationMemory; value=}, @{key=reservationStorages; value=}, @{key=computeResource; value=}, @{key=reservationNetworks; value=}}
key value
--- -----
reservationMemory @{type=complex; componentTypeId=; componentId=; classId=; typeFilter=; values=}
reservationStorages @{type=multiple; elementTypeId=COMPLEX; items=System.Object[]}
computeResource @{type=entityRef; componentId=; classId=ComputeResource; id=f1c2156e-90dd-4ff3-8086-45df90949adb; label=Cluster01 (vCenter)}
reservationNetworks @{type=multiple; elementTypeId=COMPLEX; items=System.Object[]}
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