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Jonathan Neal jonathantneal

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jonathantneal /
Last active May 21, 2019
JavaScript Array Transduce and FlatMap Alternative


The transduce function creates a new array of elements passing a filter and resulting from a map.


function transduce (filterCallbackFn, mapCallbackFn, ...transduceArgs) {
jonathantneal /
Created May 1, 2019
babel-plugin-transform-globals: How I generate browserGlobals.js
  1. In each browser, I get a JSON-stringified array of every property name on window except itself. I place these names into files like or name.firefox.json.
<!doctype html>
(function () {
	const windowNames = Object.getOwnPropertyNames(window).filter(name => name !== 'window');
	const textarea = document.createElement('textarea');
	textarea.value = JSON.stringify(windowNames);
View babel-plugin-utils.js
function getReplacementIdentifiers (globals, types) {
return Object.keys(Object(globals)).reduce(
(object, name) => Object.assign(object, {
[name]: module.exports.createMemberExpressionFromString(globals[name], types)
function getImportsBySource (globals) {
jonathantneal /
Last active Jun 6, 2019
Create or update macOS Mojave Recovery Partition Without Reinstalling
# Set the macOS installer path as a variable
MACOS_INSTALLER="/Applications/$(ls /Applications | grep "Install macOS")"
echo "macOS installer is \"$MACOS_INSTALLER\""
# Set the target disk as a variable
TARGET=$(diskutil info "$(bless --info --getBoot)" | awk -F':' '/Volume Name/ { print $2 }' | sed -e 's/^[[:space:]]*//')
echo "Target disk is \"$TARGET\""
jonathantneal / css-tree-test.js
Created Oct 4, 2018
CSS Tree Experiment: Write Custom Property Fallbacks
View css-tree-test.js
var csstree = require('css-tree');
var ast = csstree.parse(':root { --color: blue; color: var(--color); }');
// match custom properties `--foo`
const customPropertyRegExp = /^--[A-z][\w-]*$/;
// match var functions `var(--foo)`
const varFunctionRegExp = /^var$/i;
// return whether a node is a custom property declaration `--foo: bar`
jonathantneal /
Created Sep 18, 2018
Goto GitHub Project: No more cd’ing between multiple user/project directories
# USAGE: `goto some-project-dirname`
goto () {
# where `~/GitHub` is the directory where you put all of your projects
DIR=$(find ~/GitHub -type d -name "node_modules" -prune -o -type d -name "$1" -print)
cd -P -- "$DIR"
jonathantneal / detect-autofill.js
Created Sep 11, 2018
Detect autofill in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari
View detect-autofill.js
export default scope => {
// match the filter on autofilled elements in Firefox
const mozFilterMatch = /^grayscale\(.+\) brightness\((1)?.*\) contrast\(.+\) invert\(.+\) sepia\(.+\) saturate\(.+\)$/
scope.addEventListener('animationstart', onAnimationStart)
scope.addEventListener('input', onInput)
scope.addEventListener('transitionstart', onTransitionStart)
function onAnimationStart(event) {
// detect autofills in Chrome and Safari by:
jonathantneal / postcss.js
Last active Jun 24, 2018
PostCSS using only the old CSSOM
View postcss.js
/* CSSNode
/* ========================================================================== */
function CSSNode(source) {
this.source = source;
Object.defineProperties(CSSNode.prototype, {
index: {
get() {
jonathantneal /
Last active May 17, 2018
Declarative HTML Components
jonathantneal / sanitizeDOM.js
Last active Feb 25, 2019
Sanitize a document or element using a whitelisted selectors and whitelisted attributes
View sanitizeDOM.js
// sanitize an element using a whitelisted selector string
// get all elements within an ELEMENT'*'), node => {
// if the element does not match a WHITELIST_SELECTOR_STRING
if (!node.matches(WHITELISTED_SELECTORS)) {
// create a new document fragment
const fragment = document.createDocumentFragment();
// append all the children of the invalid node into the new fragment
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