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@jonbca jonbca/gist:862069
Created Mar 9, 2011

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JQuery Details fallback
$(function() {
// Execute the fallback only if there’s no native `details` support
if (!('open' in document.createElement('details')) || ($.browser.webkit && $.browser.version >= 534.16)) {
// Loop through all `details` elements
$('details').each(function() {
// Store a reference to the current `details` element in a variable
var $details = $(this),
// Store a reference to the `summary` element of the current `details` element (if any) in a variable
$detailsSummary = $('summary', $details),
// Do the same for the info within the `details` element
$detailsNotSummary = $details.children(':not(summary)'),
// This will be used later to look for direct child text nodes
$detailsNotSummaryContents = $details.contents(':not(summary)');
// If there is no `summary` in the current `details` element…
if (!$detailsSummary.length) {
// …create one with default text
$detailsSummary = $(document.createElement('summary')).text('Details').prependTo($details);
// Look for direct child text nodes
if ($detailsNotSummary.length !== $detailsNotSummaryContents.length) {
// Wrap child text nodes in a `span` element
$detailsNotSummaryContents.filter(function() {
// Only keep the node in the collection if it’s a text node containing more than only whitespace
return (this.nodeType === 3) && (/[^\t\n\r ]/.test(;
// There are now no direct child text nodes anymore — they’re wrapped in `span` elements
$detailsNotSummary = $details.children(':not(summary)');
// Hide content unless there’s an `open` attribute
if (typeof $details.attr('open') !== 'undefined') {
} else {
// Set the `tabindex` attribute of the `summary` element to 0 to make it keyboard accessible
$detailsSummary.attr('tabindex', 0).click(function() {
// Focus on the `summary` element
// Toggle the `open` attribute of the `details` element
typeof $details.attr('open') !== 'undefined' ? $details.removeAttr('open') : $details.attr('open', 'open');
// Toggle the additional information in the `details` element
}).keyup(function(event) {
if (13 === event.keyCode || 32 === event.keyCode) {
// Enter or Space is pressed — trigger the `click` event on the `summary` element
// Opera already seems to trigger the `click` event when Enter is pressed
if (!($.browser.opera && 13 === event.keyCode)) {
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