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Last active Sep 7, 2021
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I've been on a quest to try and standardize how I work. I'm not there yet, but wanted to share some tools and kickstart a discussion around what everyone else is doing. I've found myself hovering on the notifications page more than I think I should. It prioritizes shallow work and reacting to things as they pop up. That's great for staying up to date, but I have been having trouble keeping up with ongoing tasks, work that falls to the backburner, and generally remembering to check up on things.

So here's some links I use when I sit down to actually sort through issues/PRs.


sorted by most recently active unless otherwise stated


sorted by most recently active unless otherwise stated

Github Search Filtering

These links make use of the crazy world of github search filters. These links use org filters as a base org:expressjs org:jshttp org:pillarjs. You can adjust sorting order from the dropdown on any search page.

Notification Filtering

I've mentioned before that it helps to subscribe to all the repos in the three orgs. The cli watch-gh-repos can help you subscribe to each org's repos.

Once you have the notifications, well then the fun of keeping up starts. You can create custom "Inboxes" w/ filters on your notifications panel, click the gear icon next to "Filters" on the left pane of the notifications page.

PRAISE BE THE OCTOCAT! You can filter notifications by org now! Here are some filters then, I have each one set up as it's own label:


The below is now not necessary, but I'm keeping it here as a list of all the repos I was watching.

~Here's some inboxes I've set up using the following filters. Unfortunately right now there is no way to filter by org only 😭.~ (click me)

team discussions:


I tried putting all of the three orgs repos into a single filter. It does not work bc there are too many, the query params get truncated.


repo:jshttp/negotiator repo:jshttp/cookie repo:jshttp/fresh repo:jshttp/range-parser repo:jshttp/methods repo:jshttp/basic-auth repo:jshttp/compressible repo:jshttp/on-finished repo:jshttp/http-assert repo:jshttp/accepts repo:jshttp/type-is repo:jshttp/statuses repo:jshttp/mime-types repo:jshttp/proxy-addr repo:jshttp/style-guide repo:jshttp/on-headers repo:jshttp/vary repo:jshttp/media-typer repo:jshttp/etag repo:jshttp/ repo:jshttp/mime-db repo:jshttp/compress repo:jshttp/http-utils repo:jshttp/spdy-push repo:jshttp/http-push repo:jshttp/http-errors repo:jshttp/content-disposition repo:jshttp/forwarded repo:jshttp/content-type


repo:pillarjs/hbs repo:pillarjs/cookies repo:pillarjs/send repo:pillarjs/path-to-regexp repo:pillarjs/multiparty repo:pillarjs/routington repo:pillarjs/parseurl repo:pillarjs/node-frameworks repo:pillarjs/resolve-path repo:pillarjs/path-match repo:pillarjs/finalhandler repo:pillarjs/ssl-redirect repo:pillarjs/csrf repo:pillarjs/templation repo:pillarjs/discussions repo:pillarjs/router repo:pillarjs/views repo:pillarjs/ repo:pillarjs/understanding-csrf repo:pillarjs/qs-strict repo:pillarjs/extend-proto repo:pillarjs/encodeurl repo:pillarjs/request


repo:expressjs/express repo:expressjs/express-namespace repo:expressjs/express-expose repo:expressjs/express-params repo:expressjs/ repo:expressjs/cors repo:expressjs/restful-router repo:expressjs/domain-middleware repo:expressjs/connect-multiparty repo:expressjs/connect-markdown repo:expressjs/generator repo:expressjs/vhostess repo:expressjs/compression repo:expressjs/body-parser repo:expressjs/basic-auth-connect repo:expressjs/connect-rid repo:expressjs/multer repo:expressjs/serve-favicon repo:expressjs/response-time repo:expressjs/morgan repo:expressjs/cookie-parser repo:expressjs/session repo:expressjs/cookie-session repo:expressjs/method-override repo:expressjs/timeout repo:expressjs/vhost repo:expressjs/csurf repo:expressjs/serve-index repo:expressjs/serve-static repo:expressjs/mime-extended repo:expressjs/set-type repo:expressjs/express-paginate repo:expressjs/flash repo:expressjs/api-error-handler repo:expressjs/discussions repo:expressjs/security repo:expressjs/statusboard

Browser Extensions

This is more for general Github quality of life, but I use the following Chrome extensions:

  • Refined Github by sindresorhus. Lots of small quality of life improvements to the Github UI
  • Octolinker I love this, gives you hotlinks in code when a file is required so you can navigate code much more smoothly. I think github has started to do this themselves, but I still use this.
  • NPM Stats Adds a badge with NPM stats to a repo's page, and a quicklink to the npm listing. (I have an Issue/PR open to fix a bug when using this with Refined Github)

That's all for now, I'll expand soon on the "Choose Your Adventure" style workflow I've been experimenting with.

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