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Requirements for extending the Drupal json api for node pages with views to include breadcrumbs and weight.

Task: Add weight and breadcrumbs attributes to node pages.

Using the json api for "Jobs at the Library" Drupal node page as the example. For full:

Breadcrumb specs:

  • Start at the homepage.
  • Attach property of breadcrumbs with an array of objects as the value.
  • Each object in the array contains text and to. text is the page title. to is the alias to that page.

Weight specs:

  • The weight of the page corresponding to the order set by Drupal content administrators.
attributes: {
  breadcrumbs: [
    { text: 'Home', to: '/' },
    { text: 'About Us', to: '/about-us' },
    { text: 'Jobs at the Library', to: '/about-us/jobs-at-library' }
  weight: 3
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