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Created Mar 22, 2012
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Labouchère system simulation in Clojure
; A Clojure version of the Labouchère system simulation in
; CoffeeScript by Anders Löfgren that can be found at
; Ruby version at
; I'm a complete beginner at Clojure so there's little to
; no chance that this code follows conventions and such.
; 2012-03-20
(def table-zeros 1)
(def max-bet 24)
(def red-numbers #{1,3,5,7,9,12,14,16,18,19,21,23,25,27,30,32,34,36})
(def nr-of-zeros-hit 0)
(defrecord Player [stake_name current_betmin current_betmax current_earnings])
(defn current-bet [player]
(+ (:current_betmin player) (:current_betmax player)))
(defn decrease-earnings [player]
(- (:current_earnings player) (current-bet player)))
(defn calculate-earnings [result, player]
(let [
current_earnings (decrease-earnings player),
win (some #(= (:stake_name player) %) result),
new_earnings (if win (+ (* 2 (current-bet player)) current_earnings) current_earnings),
new_betmax (if win (inc (:current_betmax player)) (dec (:current_betmax player))),
new_betmin (if win (:current_betmin player) (inc (:current_betmin player)))]
(if (or (>= new_betmin new_betmax) (> (+ new_betmin new_betmax) max-bet))
(assoc player :current_earnings new_earnings :current_betmin 1 :current_betmax 4)
(assoc player :current_earnings new_earnings :current_betmin new_betmin :current_betmax new_betmax))))
(defn hit []
(- (rand-int (+ 36 table-zeros)) (dec table-zeros)))
(defn roll [players]
(let [current-hit (hit)]
(if (> current-hit 0)
(let [result #{
(if (contains? red-numbers current-hit) :red :black)
(if (< current-hit 19) :low :high)
(if (= (mod current-hit 2) 0) :even :odd)}]
(map #(calculate-earnings result %) players))
(def nr-of-zeros-hit (inc nr-of-zeros-hit))
(map (fn [p] (assoc p :current_earnings (decrease-earnings p))) players)))))
(defn sum-earnings [players]
(reduce + (map (fn [p] (:current_earnings p)) players)))
; Let's roll some marbles
(let [players_init [
(Player. :red 1 4 0) (Player. :black 1 4 0)
(Player. :low 1 4 0) (Player. :high 1 4 0)
(Player. :even 1 4 0) (Player. :odd 1 4 0)]]
(loop [cnt 100000 players players_init]
(if (= (mod cnt 10000) 0)
(printf "%d : Total earnings: %d. Nr of zeros hit: %d\n" cnt (sum-earnings players) nr-of-zeros-hit))
(if (= cnt 0)
(printf "The end.\n")
(recur (dec cnt) (doall (roll players))))))
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