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Last active March 20, 2021 08:23
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Example .travis.yml for Golang with integration
language: go
# Only the last two Go releases are supported by the Go team with security
# updates. Any versions older than that should be considered deprecated.
# Don't bother testing with them. tip builds your code with the latest
# development version of Go. This can warn you that your code will break
# in the next version of Go. Don't worry! Later we declare that test runs
# are allowed to fail on Go tip.
- 1.9
- release
- tip
# Skip the install step. Don't `go get` dependencies. Only build with the
# code in vendor/
install: true
# It's ok if our code fails on unstable development versions of Go.
- go: tip
# Don't wait for tip tests to finish. Mark the test run green if the
# tests pass on the stable versions of Go.
fast_finish: true
# Don't email me the results of the test runs.
email: false
# Anything in before_script that returns a nonzero exit code will
# flunk the build and immediately stop. It's sorta like having
# set -e enabled in bash.
- GO_FILES=$(find . -iname '*.go' -type f | grep -v /vendor/) # All the .go files, excluding vendor/
- go get # Linter
- go get # Badass static analyzer/linter
- go get
# script always run to completion (set +e). All of these code checks are must haves
# in a modern Go project.
- test -z $(gofmt -s -l $GO_FILES) # Fail if a .go file hasn't been formatted with gofmt
- go test -race -coverprofile=coverage.txt -covermode=atomic # Run all the tests with the race detector enabled
- go vet ./... # go vet is the official Go static analyzer
- megacheck ./... # "go vet on steroids" + linter
- gocyclo -over 19 $GO_FILES # forbid code with huge functions
- golint -set_exit_status $(go list ./...) # one last linter
# push results to CodeCov
- bash <(curl -s
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