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Last active August 16, 2022 15:57
What would you like to do?

Ok here’s my big list:

  • door frames and mouldings, striping and repainting

Get a heat gun and/or paint stripper and some scraper tools. It’s slow and laborious. Once that’s done you sand it down. Get sanding foam blocks so you can get into recesses. Then, if you’ve stripped back to wood, you need to prime, undercoat then top coat.

  • interior doors, paint or buy new? door handles and hinges.

Doors are pretty expensive, they have to be firesafe too, ours were like 800 a door, that just the door, no handles no hinges. Hinges have to be fire safe too. You probably could just spruce up the doors you have, swapping handles isn’t that big of a deal.

  • general painting tips

Do ceiling first, then walls, tape all edges, use brush for the edges and then roller for main bit. Painting is hard, slow and you’ll never do it as good as a pro (we were ok with that tho)

  • kitchen renovation from scratch

You probably need a pro for this, also having someone help you plan layout and cabinets will mean you end up with better more usable kitchen

  • kitchen floors these are nice, natural rubber or cork flooring. We used rubber for our bathroom. Probably could be laid by same person as the rest of the floors

  • rest of the floors (this seems more straightforward, ie… hire someone)

Yes hire someone for this too, engineered timber is better (and more expensive) than laminate, but noticably nicer (feels and looks). Also changing the floor probably means removing all the skirting boards and putting them back on on top of the flooring so that’s additional cost, but would look neater and also means you get nice new skirting! But then that means you probably want to do floor before you paint, because removing skirting might damage plaster/paint work.

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