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Things to do whilst staying at Fforest


Gorge Walk

This starts/finishes at Fforest and takes about 90mins. From down by the Fforest lodge / Bwthyn pub you can walk down a path that leads to to the river it’s sign posted a bit but after walking straight for a 20mins you get to the Wildlife centre and you bare right towards the river, once you hit the river you bare right again so you start to go back on yourselves. You follow the river upstream. This is where starts to go up and it’s pretty steep at times at fairly strenuous.

It’s really great walk though, I’d recommend it.

Cardigan via Wildlife Park

This starts the same as the Gorge walk but when you get to the near the Wildlife centre you go straight on where the road ends and turns into a gravelly path and it leads through the marches to the river and into town. Takes about 45mins to get to town.

Ceibwr Bay and the witches cauldron

You have to drive to this one, it’s about 15min drive to the coast to a village called Moylegrove. This is basically along the coastal path going south, it’s over the cliffs and the rock formations are impressive. Eventually it comes down towards see it little valley thing. There’s a wave cut platform and a stream meets the sea. It’s popular for swimming but there’s no beach. You have to jump off the rocks. There’s usually seals around too. It’s called witches cauldron cos the stream/waves have cut a cave that the waves funnel into and then there a blow hole where water shoots up.


Beaches listed in distance order from Fforest

Poppit Sands

This is the closest one, it’s on the estuary of the Teifi river that passes by Fforest. It’s also the biggest beach nearby it’s got good views and rock pools on the left hand side. You can see Cardigan Island from there too. Cardigan Island had a big Puffin population but like 80 years ago a big ship crashed into it and as it sunk the rats swam to the island and ate all the puffin eggs, so they never came back.

On the way you pass through St. Dogmaels which has a good fish & chip shop called Bowens and an alright pub called The Ferry which does food. There’s also closer to the beach one called Y Weobley that now does food too, never tried the food, but good views of Poppit.


You have to go to Mwnt it’s very pretty and people see dolphins there quite often. There’s a big pointy hill, which is where the name comes from, it’s fun walking to the top and then around the side.


There’s a beach here it’s small but nice but maybe don’t bother.


This is just up from Aberporth and is small too but pretty and on the right there is a river that pours off in a waterfall onto the beach.

There’s a pub called The Ship which is alright too, standard pub fare.


Penbryn bit of a bigger beach also very pretty you park 5 mins up the valley from it and walk down.


This one is a bit more of a drive but is fairly impressive, there’s a big pointy rock in the sea. Has a couple of pretty legit pubs on the front and another good fish & chip shop run by our friend, Holly Chips.


Pizza Tipi

The family that run Fforest also have a pizza place in town, it’s all outdoors but heated and covered and right on the river, it’s great. You have to book, ask for a river view.

El Salsa

An ex chef from Fforest now runs her own Mexican place called El Salsa, I think it’s only open Wednesday-Sunday and as aficionados you may find it more on the tex-mex side of things but it’s all fresh and it’s tasty.

Fforest suppers

On Thursdays and Sundays they do food at the farm it’s tasty and you don’t have to go anywhere!

The Harbourmaster

This is a fancy restaurant/hotel/pub it’s nearly an hour away in Aberaeron tho. They have a bar menu and a proper menu, you’d deffo have to book. Aberaeron is picturesque tho and on the way you could stop in New Quay which is famous spot for seeing dolphins. Also up the river into the hills is a National Trust place called Llanerchaeron, I’ve never been but meant to be nice.

Other places to visit


This is a little place on the sea, it’s an old harbour for a mine/quarry thing and there’s a pub there called The Sloop. Good walks over the cliffs, good for seal spotting. There’s lots of little ruined brick buildings around from when it was a quarry

Abereiddy / The blue lagoon

This is a beach near Porthgain where there’s another old quarry that’s been filled with water and the copper makes the water very blue. It’s super deep and they do a Red Bull diving thing there which looks nuts. I’ve jumped in a couple of times it’s fun but very scary.

Fresh Water West

Big beach very nice. They used it as the filming location in Harry Potter for where Dobby dies. Also in that Robin Hood film with Russell Crowe... not seen it.

Bosherton Lilly ponds / Broadhaven / Barafundle

This is a National Trust thing, it’s a nice walk and you end up on this beach called Broadhaven which is famous and very beautiful. But you can walk from that to an even more famous beach called Barafundle.


This is town about 20mins away, it’s kinda fancy and has a nice cafe called The Canteen and a pub down by the waterfront. There’s also a nice walk you can do around the headland which is called Dinas Head.

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