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Dungeon Keeper Desktop Entry on Linux
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Dungeon Keeper
Comment=Evil is Good
Exec=dosbox -conf ../dosboxDK.conf -conf ../dosboxDK_single.conf -noconsole -c exit
Path=/home/user/.wine/drive_c/GOG Games/Dungeon Keeper Gold/DOSBOX
cd ~/.wine/drive_c/GOG Games/Dungeon Keeper Gold
convert gfw_high.ico ~/.local/share/icons/dungeon-keeper.png
cd ~/.local/share/icons
mv dungeon-keeper-8.png hicolor/16x16/apps/dungeon-keeper.png
mv dungeon-keeper-7.png hicolor/32x32/apps/dungeon-keeper.png
mv dungeon-keeper-6.png hicolor/48x48/apps/dungeon-keeper.png
mv dungeon-keeper-5.png hicolor/256x256/apps/dungeon-keeper.png
rm dungeon-keeper*.png

mvnDaMan commented Nov 13, 2016

In Linux Mint 18 Mate, my desktop resolution does not automatically reset itself back to its native screen resolution after I run the game. So to fix this, I just append && sleep 5 && xrandr -s 0 to the end of the Exec parameter in the launcher:
Exec=dosbox -conf ../dosboxDK.conf -conf ../dosboxDK_single.conf -noconsole -c exit && sleep 5 && xrandr -s 0
The sleep 5 command creates a quick 5 second delay before applying xrandr -s 0 to reset the screen. I added the delay because sometimes the screen wouldn't reset with xrandr -s 0 alone, but that's just my experience.


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