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require 'benchmark/ips'
h = { foo: :bar }
Benchmark.ips do |r|'#[]') { h[:foo] }'#fetch') { h.fetch(:foo) }
Calculating -------------------------------------
#[] 84463 i/100ms
#fetch 58818 i/100ms
#[] 3004469.2 (±1.6%) i/s - 15034414 in 5.005338s
#fetch 2196062.9 (±0.8%) i/s - 10998966 in 5.008783s

Looks like rb_hash_fetch_m winds up calling rb_scan_args and rb_block_given_p where rb_hash_aref does not. rb_block_given_p could move into the conditional which evaluates it if one doesn't care about the warning. I don't know what you could do about parsing the varargs though.

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