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Jonathan Pryor jonpryor

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namespace MobileSample_Android
[Application(Label = "AndroidPlayground")]
public class App : Application
readonly AutoSuspendHelper suspendHelper;
public App(IntPtr handle, JniHandleOwnership transfer)
: base (handle, transfer)
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static readonly IList<ViewModel> registeredEntities = new List<ViewModel>();
protected static IList<ViewModel> RegisteredViewModels
return registeredEntities;
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## Mono JIT compiler version 2.10.9 (tarball Mon May 7 20:25:51 EDT 2012)
DynamicMethod creation: 0.0453009000ms
LINQ expressions creation: 0.0971724000ms
Delegate creation: 0.0044351000ms
DynamicMethod invocation: 0.0000612000ms
Expression invocation: 0.0000609000ms
MethodInfo invocation: 0.0007135000ms
Delegate invocation: 0.0000619000ms
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/* output:
# test2: (* 10 10 )
# test: (+ 10 ((* 10 10 )))
# test2: (* 10 10 )
namespace Schemin.AST
public interface IScheminType
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Min/Max rather than Start/End, better naming when dealing with non-contiguous ranges.
Start and end values are inclusive.
How enumeration works for stepping, etc is left to the class to decide, provide a static class with some standard implementations that use Math<T>.
Assumption is the main IRange<T> can be either contiguous or non-contiguous
Assumptions for SubRanges():
No two sub-ranges overlap.
Each sub-range is atomic (ie contiguous).