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jonsabados / vault.log
Last active May 16, 2018
Vault concurrent map writes panic
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May 15 18:07:24 ip-10-101-22-237 vault[5440]: 2018-05-15T18:07:24.638Z [INFO ] expiration: revoked lease: lease_id=auth/aws/login/4f4c79c2373a7075fefd45e328d067ab491752f3
May 15 18:08:24 ip-10-101-22-237 vault[5440]: 2018-05-15T18:08:24.674Z [INFO ] expiration: revoked lease: lease_id=auth/aws/login/3b88830a5fef25a8e36fc3a8f468447d055f3fa1
May 15 18:09:23 ip-10-101-22-237 vault[5440]: 2018-05-15T18:09:23.872Z [INFO ] expiration: revoked lease: lease_id=auth/aws/login/a08128ea65293ef2de4dab5933343ad5c2953fc5
May 15 18:10:23 ip-10-101-22-237 vault[5440]: 2018-05-15T18:10:23.954Z [INFO ] expiration: revoked lease: lease_id=auth/aws/login/c4214b4d835408ac47e0ef5698236e64f43c5d6f
May 15 18:11:24 ip-10-101-22-237 vault[5440]: 2018-05-15T18:11:24.571Z [INFO ] expiration: revoked lease: lease_id=auth/aws/login/97f44e9e83fe1d7a5dec292147ededcf4d33a4d3
May 15 18:11:57 ip-10-101-22-237 vault[5440]: 2018-05-15T18:11:57.670Z [INFO ] expiration: revoked lease: lease_id=auth/aws/login/2b695ebcfb8d1fe11ed144bf70ddbcc79b43cee

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am jonsabados on github.
  • I am jonsabados ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is 36A7 04F3 A5CE 2BB1 9B92 CCFE AAA1 A6F7 911F D59D

To claim this, I am signing this object: