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Photoshop script for selecting all layers, including the background layer.
function selectAllLayers() {
// Select all layers (doesn't include Background)
try {
var desc = new ActionDescriptor();
var ref = new ActionReference();
ref.putEnumerated( charIDToTypeID('Lyr '), charIDToTypeID('Ordn'), charIDToTypeID('Trgt') );
desc.putReference( charIDToTypeID('null'), ref );
executeAction( stringIDToTypeID('selectAllLayers'), desc, DialogModes.NO );
} catch(e) {}
// Add Background Layer to the selection (if possible)
try {
var bgID =;
var ref = new ActionReference();
var desc = new ActionDescriptor();
ref.putIdentifier(charIDToTypeID('Lyr '), bgID);
desc.putReference(charIDToTypeID('null'), ref);
desc.putEnumerated( stringIDToTypeID('selectionModifier'), stringIDToTypeID('selectionModifierType'), stringIDToTypeID('addToSelection') );
desc.putBoolean(charIDToTypeID('MkVs'), false);
executeAction(charIDToTypeID('slct'), desc, DialogModes.NO);
} catch(e) {}
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