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Created Jul 26, 2021
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from .helpers import *
class Agent:
def __init__(self):
Place any initialization code for your agent here (if any)
self.pending_actions = []
def next_move(self, game_state, player_state):
This method is called each time your Agent is required to choose an action
print(f"tick: {game_state.tick_number}")
# ammo spawns randomly
ammo = get_ammo(game_state)
treasure = get_treasure(game_state)
if len(self.pending_actions) > 0:
action = self.pending_actions.pop()
print(f"moving: {action}")
elif ammo:
path = astar(game_state, player_state.location, ammo)
if path:
actions = get_path_actions(path)
print(f"--ACTIONS: {actions}")
for action in actions:
action = self.pending_actions.pop()
action = ''
action = ''
return action
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