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Remove table prefixes MySQL
-- STEP 1: Set @database, @old_prefix and @new_prefix
-- STEP 2: Execute the query
-- STEP 3: Copy the string that was genereated by the query
-- STEP 4: Run the generated query to rename all tables
-- STEP 5: Use you Party Gun to make it rain!
SET SESSION group_concat_max_len = 999999999;
SET @database = "databasename";
SET @old_prefix = "ma2_";
SET @new_prefix = "";
SELECT GROUP_CONCAT("RENAME TABLE ", TABLE_NAME, " TO ", replace(TABLE_NAME, @old_prefix, @new_prefix),'; ' separator '')
FROM information_schema.TABLES WHERE TABLE_SCHEMA = @database AND TABLE_NAME LIKE CONCAT(@old_prefix, '%');
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