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Created November 3, 2012 13:50
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Splunk-friendly timestamp plugin snippet for Sublime Text 2
  1. Choose: Tools > New Plugin

  2. Paste in the contents of "" below

  3. Save as in ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages/User/ (should be the default directory that pops up when you save)

  4. Choose: Sublime Text 2 > Preferences > Key Bindings - User

  5. Add:

    { "keys": ["super+ctrl+t"], "command": "timestamp" }

To make command+ctrl+t perform the insertion.
Make sure to add a comma after the previous keymap entry, if present.

import sublime, sublime_plugin
from datetime import datetime
class TimestampCommand(sublime_plugin.TextCommand):
def run(self, edit):
stamp = datetime.utcnow().strftime("%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ ")
for r in self.view.sel():
if r.empty():
self.view.insert (edit, r.a, stamp)
self.view.replace(edit, r, stamp)
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I can confirm this works on Sublime Text 3, Build 3033, Windows 64-bit, with these small changes;

  • In step 3, save to C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 3\Packages\User
  • In step 5, replace "super+ctrl+t" with "alt+ctrl+t"

Then invoke with alt+ctrl+t.

Thanks for this, Jordan!

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chrispx commented Apr 23, 2014

I would need UTC + 2 hours. How could this be achieved?

Thank you.

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7osema commented Jun 20, 2016

Hi chrispx,

for me it worked using instead of datetime.utcnow()

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