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Provide separate Rails log files for each Unicorn worker
after_fork do |server, worker|
# This log hack provides separate log files for each unicorn worker.
# Since Unicorn forks worker processes after loggers are already initialized, by this point other
# things (like ActiveRecord::Base.logger) are already pointing directly at the current
# Rails.logger instance so we can't just point `Rails.logger` elsewhere.
logdev = Rails.logger.instance_variable_get(:@logdev)
ext = File.extname(
path = /#{Regexp.escape(ext)}$/, ".#{}#{ext}"
# open the file in the same way rails does:
file =, 'a')
file.sync = Rails.application.config.autoflush_log
logdev.instance_variable_set(:@dev, file)

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@ggayan ggayan commented Nov 16, 2016

This worked just right for a rails 4 application I am working on above all different solutions I've tried. Commenting here for visibility.

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