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View Cloud tinc.conf
Name = cloud
AddressFamily = ipv4
Interface = tun0
View claiming_routes.feature
Scenario: The player uses their turn to claim a route and the route appears as claimed.
Given a game with 5 players is setup
And the player has 5 train pieces
And the player has 5 "Hopper" train cars
And the player navigates to the game page
When the player clicks the claim route button on a route between "Vancouver" and "Calgary"
And the player selects 3 "Hopper" train cars
And the player clicks the "Claim Route" button
Then the player is on the game page
And the player sees the route from "Vancouver" to "Calgary" claimed with their name
View claim_route_controller_spec.rb
context "on ClaimRoute failure" do
let(:service_double) { instance_double(ClaimRoute, call: service_result, errors: service_expected_errors) }
let(:service_result) { false }
let(:service_expected_errors) { [ClaimRoute::REQUIRED_PARAMETERS_NOT_PROVIDED] }
before do
it "redirects to the game page" do