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grok with ffi in ruby and jruby
require "rubygems"
require "ffi"
module Grok
extend FFI::Library
ffi_lib ""
# class for grok_t
# Attributes with '__' prefixes are not for your consumption; they
# are internal to libgrok.
class Grok < FFI::Struct
layout :pattern, :string,
:pattern_len, :int,
:full_pattern, :string,
:full_pattern_len, :int,
:__patterns, :pointer, # TCTREE*, technically
:__re, :pointer, # pcre*
:__pcre_capture_vector, :pointer, # int*
:__pcre_num_captures, :int,
:__captures_by_id, :pointer, # TCTREE*
:__captures_by_name, :pointer, # TCTREE*
:__captures_by_subname, :pointer, # TCTREE*
:__captures_by_capture_number, :pointer, # TCTREE*
:__max_capture_num, :int,
:pcre_errptr, :string,
:pcre_erroffset, :int,
:pcre_errno, :int,
:logmask, :uint,
:logdepth, :uint,
:errstr, :string
attach_function :grok_new, [], :pointer
attach_function :grok_compilen, [:pointer, :string, :int], :int
attach_function :grok_pattern_add, [:pointer, :string, :int, :string, :int], :int
attach_function :grok_patterns_import_from_file, [:pointer, :string], :int
attach_function :grok_execn, [:pointer, :string, :int, :pointer], :int
file ="/b/logs/access", "r")
iterations = 500000
require "thread"
queue =
(1 .. iterations).each { queue << file.readline() }
start =
threads = 1.upto(4).collect do do
grok =
#grok[:logmask] = (1<<31)-1 # log everything
Grok.grok_patterns_import_from_file(grok, "/home/jls/projects/grok/patterns/base")
compiled = Grok.grok_compilen(grok, pattern, pattern.length)
if compiled != 0
puts "Error compiling '#{pattern}': #{grok[:errstr]}"
while true
break if queue.empty?
line = queue.pop
ret = Grok.grok_execn(grok, line, line.size, nil)
end #
end # 1..4
threads.each { |t| t.join }
duration = - start
p [duration, iterations / duration]
# Output is duration and message parse rate (per sec)
snack(~/projects/codesamples/ffi) % jruby grokffi.rb
[5.593, 89397.4611121044]
snack(~/projects/codesamples/ffi) % ruby grokffi.rb
[16.12824, 31001.5227947997]
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