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Created July 13, 2021 14:22
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class FloatingPanel: NSPanel {
init(contentRect: NSRect, backing: NSWindow.BackingStoreType, defer flag: Bool) {
// Not sure if .titled does affect anything here. Kept it because I think it might help with accessibility but I did not test that.
super.init(contentRect: contentRect, styleMask: [.nonactivatingPanel, .resizable, .closable, .fullSizeContentView], backing: backing, defer: flag)
// Set this if you want the panel to remember its size/position
// self.setFrameAutosaveName("a unique name")
// Allow the pannel to be on top of almost all other windows
self.isFloatingPanel = true
self.level = .floating
self.isMovable = false
self.backgroundColor = .clear
// Allow the pannel to appear in a fullscreen space
// NSWindowCollectionBehaviorCanJoinAllSpaces and NSWindowCollectionBehaviorFullScreenAuxiliary.
// While we may set a title for the window, don't show it
self.titleVisibility = .hidden
self.titlebarAppearsTransparent = true
// Since there is no titlebar make the window moveable by click-dragging on the background
self.isMovableByWindowBackground = true
// Keep the panel around after closing since I expect the user to open/close it often
self.isReleasedWhenClosed = true // was false
// Activate this if you want the window to hide once it is no longer focused
// self.hidesOnDeactivate = true
// Hide the traffic icons (standard close, minimize, maximize buttons)
self.standardWindowButton(.closeButton)?.isHidden = true
self.standardWindowButton(.miniaturizeButton)?.isHidden = true
self.standardWindowButton(.zoomButton)?.isHidden = true
// `canBecomeKey` and `canBecomeMain` are required so that text inputs inside the panel can receive focus
override var canBecomeKey: Bool {
return true
override var canBecomeMain: Bool {
return true
func makePanel() {
// Create the window and set the content view.
newEntryPanel = FloatingPanel(contentRect: NSRect(x: 60, y: 100, width: 512, height: 80), backing: .buffered, defer: false)
newEntryPanel!.contentView = NSHostingView(rootView: contentView)
// Shows the panel and makes it active
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