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ReactJS: JavaScript just like you've always done it.
* ReactJS: JavaScript like you've always done it.
* This example renders your top ten most followed friends/followers, `filter`ing
* only your favorites, and putting a star on all verified accounts.
* With ReactJS, any time your data changes, the UI is always brought up to date
* automatically. If friends length changes, or followCount - it always shows what
* `render` describes.
var PeopleList = React.createClass({
render: function() {
var friends = this.props.friends;
var followers = this.props.followers;
return div({className: 'list'},
.filter(function(person) {return person.isFavorite;})
.sort(function(one, two) {return one.followCount - two.followCount;})
.slice(0, 10)
.map(function(person) {
return div({className: person.isVerified ? 'star' : 'gray'},;
* Instead of making you set up "Bindings" to models:
* - React uses plain JavaScript *functions* to bind outputs to inputs.
* Instead of making you set up "computed values":
* - React uses plain JavaScript *expressions* to compute values.
* Instead of making you use "collections":
* - React uses plain JavaSctript *Arrays* to model changing lists.
* - Just functions.
* - Just expressions.
* - Just plain Arrays and Objects.
* - React JavaScript: Just like you've always done it.
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