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Sample output of the mystery program in this blog post:
Helva's civilization was not without busy, do-good _______________,
_______________ possible _______________ to _______________ as well as
-ing verb noun adjective
_______________ citizens. One such group got all incensed over shelled
`` children'' when Helva was just turning fourteen. When they were
forced to, Central _______________ _______________ its _______________,
noun past tense verb noun
_______________ a tour of the _______________ Schools and set the tour
past tense verb noun
off to a big start by showing the members case _______________, complete
with _______________. Very few _______________ ever looked past the
noun noun
first few _______________. Most of their original objections about ``
_______________'' were overridden by the relief that these hideous (to
them) bodies were _______________ concealed.
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