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Last active June 29, 2023 14:48
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Recursively resample a bunch of audio files in a directory, using sox
# A simple script to recursively resample a bunch of files
# in a directory. Only certain file extensions (mp3, aac,
# flac, wav) are considered.
# It takes 2 command line options: `indir` and `outdir`.
# The destination (`outdir`) is relative to the current
# directory of where you were when the script was run.
# Example: audio/ resampled/
# The direcotry structure inside `indir` will be replicated
# in `outdir`.
# Sourece directory with files to convert
# Set the directory you want for the converted files
# make sure the output directory exists (create it if not)
mkdir -p "$OutDir"
# Target sample rate
# Target num channels
# Convert each file with SoX, and write the converted file
# to the corresponding output dir, preserving the internal
# structure of the input dir
find -E $InDir -type f -iregex '.*\.(mp3|wav|flac|aac)$' -print0 | while read -d $'\0' input
echo "processing" $input
# the output path, without the InDir prefix
# replace the original extension with .wav
# get the output directory, and create it if necessary
outdir=$(dirname "${output}")
mkdir -p "$outdir"
# finally, convert the file
sox "$input" -r $TARGET_SR "$output" remix 1,2
echo "saved as $output"
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How would you avoid problems of clipping and dithering? I undersand you need to add a -G option. Is that correct?

sox WARN rate: rate clipped 1 samples; decrease volume?
sox WARN dither: dither clipped 1 samples; decrease volume?

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Thanks for the script @jorgehatccrma . It worked great first time. Now I can use my sample in my Octatrack and the BPM is preserved.

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