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var path = "/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/zmp_i_posreq/";
var modulePath = "";, _path); + ".Component");
//add container to whatever element. component data can only be set at constructor time
//so destroy and re-make if required.
var container = new sap.ui.core.ComponentContainer({
name: modulePath,
jorgt / serverless.yml
Created September 27, 2017 00:18
hana serverless
service: sls-hana
stage: "${opt:stage, self:provider.stage}"
name: google
runtime: nodejs
project: hana-express-178422
# the path to the credentials file needs to be absolute
jorgt / keybindings.json.yaml
Created September 27, 2016 12:46 — forked from mohsen1/keybindings.json.yaml
Sublime Text key bindings for Visual Studio Code
"key": "shift+cmd+d",
"command": "editor.action.copyLinesDownAction"
"key": "cmd+l",
"command": "expandLineSelection"
jorgt / excerpt.js
Created March 26, 2015 01:58
hexo 3.0.0 node_modules/hexo/lib/plugins\filter/after_post_render/excerpt.js fix
'use strict';
var rExcerpt = /<!-{2,} *more *-{2,}>/;
function excerptFilter(data){
var content = data.content;
var match = content.match(/(<![- ]{2,}more[- ]{2,}>[\s\S+](.*)[\s\S+]<![- ]{2,}more[- ]{2,}><\/.+>)/mi);
if(match) {
data.excerpt = match[0].replace(/<!-{2,} *more *-{2,}>/gi,'');
jorgt / highlight.js
Last active March 19, 2016 06:04
Hexo lib/utli/highlight.js without elements I don't need like tables and above all accepting standard highlightjs themes
Adaption of Hexo's hexo\node_modules\hexo-util\lib\util\highlight.js
original code highlighter uses <figure> and <table>s as gutter. Had some validation issues. Also did not accept
standard higlightjs themes ( which are now
just drop in.
captions still require a tiny bit of css of your own because they're not standard in highlightjs.
I'm accompanying this by a tiny JS that adds .hljs to every pre tag that doesn't contain it, so it applies to
jorgt / gitignore
Created October 7, 2014 00:51
### Node ###
# Logs
# Runtime data