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Last active August 29, 2015 13:56
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A simple text editor using content editable
# SimpleTextEditor by Jørn Kinderås 2014
# A simple demonstration of using Content Editable
SimpleTextEditor =
init: () ->
# Grab the main content holder
@contentHolder = document.querySelector '#editbox'
if not @contentHolder
throw new Error 'The editbox element has not been defined'
# Listen for key presses
@contentHolder.addEventListener 'keyup', @, false
# Grab the bold button and listen for clicks
boldBtn = document.querySelector '#bold'
if boldBtn
boldBtn.addEventListener 'click', @, false
# Grab the itealic button and listen for clicks
italicBtn = document.querySelector '#italic'
if italicBtn
italicBtn.addEventListener 'click', @, false
# Load any previously saved data
# Saves any data after a delay
saveData: () ->
# wait a bit to avoid constant i/o
timeout = window.setTimeout () =>
window.clearTimeout timeout
# Grab the data to save
data = @contentHolder.innerHTML
# Save the data to local storage
window.localStorage.setItem 'content', data
, 1000
# Load any existing content and stick it into the
# content holder
restoreDocument: () ->
if window.localStorage.content
@contentHolder.innerHTML = window.localStorage.content
# Handle any events
handleEvent: (e) ->
# If this is a typing event
if e.type is 'keyup'
# .. just save any typed data
return @saveData null
# If the user clicked the italic button
if is 'italic'
# ..set the selection to be italic
document.execCommand 'italic'
# it the user clicked the bold button
else if is 'bold'
# .. set the selection to bold
document.execCommand 'bold'
# Then save the changes
@saveData null
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