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A Team Charter Template is proposed here to help YaST team members to define the team chapter. Please, feel free to add/remove/modify the points in this team charter if you consider it.

Why a Team Charter

That is the first question everyone of us make to ourselves. But there are some good reasons to have one:

Many teams are not aligned about things like their team goal(s), roles and responsibilities and/or how the team makes decisions. Often these elements are just assumed which leads to misunderstandings and frustration.

All teams need a Team Charter. Your charter describes why the team was formed, what the team is responsible for and how it will work together.


See also

Team Charter Template

Team Purpose (Mission)

A statement describing the reason that the team was created.

Team Goals

High-level measurable goals the team is formed to meet.

Team Members and Roles

What roles are defined in the team, skills that team members should have.


What this team should be focused on and anything that is out of bounds.


The people to whom the team is accountable and those impacted by the work.

Decision Making Guidelines

How the team will make decisions (consensus, majority, or the leader decides).

Ground Rules / Team Norms

How we interact, make decisions, resolve conflicts.

Communications Process

The means and the frequency in which the team will communicate (and how).

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