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Install PHP Xdebug on Fedora / CentOS x64

PHP Xdebug installation on Fedora/CentOS x64

First, install xdebug package on system:

$ sudo yum install php-pecl-xdebug.x86_64

Or with DNF:

$ sudo dnf install php-xdebug

If your have an Nginx server, we should restart the PHP processor php-fpm:

$ sudo systemctl restart php-fpm

Or if you have a Apache server, we should restart the httpd server:

$ sudo systemctl restart httpd

Finally, verify if xdebug extension is loaded:

php -r "echo (extension_loaded('xdebug') ? 'xdebug up and running!' : 'xdebug is not loaded!');"

// xdebug up and running!
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derdek commented Sep 1, 2020

I had to run:

php -r 'echo (extension_loaded("xdebug") ? "xdebug up and running!" : "xdebug is not loaded!");'

remove ! from command, because terminal try load history by !

php -r "echo (extension_loaded('xdebug') ? 'xdebug up and running' : 'xdebug is not loaded');"

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dwickeroth commented Sep 29, 2020

In my case xdebug worked when using the php command line interpreter, but not when using apache. The line 'sudo systemctl restart php-fpm' saved me there.

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