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add information on fields
package metaobjectTest
addFieldInfo takes two parameters. The first is an identifier id.
The second can be either 'counter' or 'names'. If it is 'counter',
the metaobject creates a field
let Int id = number of fields in the prototype;
and a method
func counter_id -> Int = number of methods in the prototype;
If the second parameter is 'names', the metaobject creates a field
let Array<String> id = [ / * field names * / ];
This object tests the 'run until fixed point' feature of the Cyan MOP.
This is because a metaobject may add fields and methods and therefore
triggers changes in other metaobjects. The metaobject methods are
called until they stop changing their outputs.
@addFieldInfo(first, counter)
@addFieldInfo(second, names)
@addFieldInfo(third, counter)
@addFieldInfo(fourth, names)
object AddFieldInfo
func aaa -> Int = 0;
func bbb: Int n { }
func ccc: Int n ddd: String s -> String = s ++ n;
var Int eee = 0;
var String fff = "fff";
func run {
printexpr first;
Out println: "calling counter_first = " ++ counter_first;
printexpr second;
printexpr third;
Out println: "calling counter_third = " ++ counter_third;
printexpr fourth;
// this is the code added to prototype AddFieldInfo by the
// four metaobjects
let Int first = 6;
func counter_first -> Int = 7;
let Array<String> second = [ "eee", "fff", "first", "second", "third", "fourth" ];
let Int third = 6;
func counter_third -> Int = 7;
let Array<String> fourth = [ "eee", "fff", "first", "second", "third", "fourth" ];
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