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Last active Jun 24, 2019
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package metaobjectTest
This metaobject works like action_afti_dsa but the
Myan code is read from the file that is the first parameter. So, instead
of putting the Myan code attached to the annotation, it is read from
the file, which may be preceded by a package name. The file should have
extension myan and be in the –-data directory of the package. Usage example:
"with:1 do:1", "unary", 10)
The Myan file can have parameters in its name. They are textually
replaced by the parameters of the annotation (but the first, that is
the file name). Then, in this example, there should be a file
in directory metaobjectTest\--data. Inside the file, strings Ret,
the third formal parameter, are replaced by 10. The same with the
other parameters.
The methods of the Myan file can declare methods of the following
object RunFile
func run {
var Int nowExist = 0;
var String currentProgramUnitName = "";
Run file --data/afti_dsa_test(MetSig,UMS,Ret).myan
of the directory of package metaobjectTest.
This file will:
- add the code
fp = "c";
before the first statement of method "with:1 do:1"
- add the code
unaryReturn = 10;
before the first statement of method 'unary'
- add to the current prototype the method
func succ: Int n -> Int = n + 1;
- add the code after the annotation:
nowExist = 5;
currentProgramUnitName = "RunFile";
@runFile("afti_dsa_test", "with:1 do:1", "unary", 10)
// runFile add 'c' before 'a' and then the
// anonymous function adds 'b' before "ca"
assert with: "a" do: { (: String s :)
^ "b" ++ s
} == "bca";
// unary was changed by 'runFile': unaryReturn is set to 10
assert unary == 10;
// method succ: was introduced by 'runFile'
assert succ: 1 == 2;
// nowExist was set to 5 by code generated by 'runFile'
assert nowExist == 5;
// currentProgramUnitName was set to RunFile by 'runFile'
assert currentProgramUnitName == "RunFile";
//printexpr currentProgramUnitName;
func with: String s do: Function<String, String> f -> String {
fp = fp ++ s;
return f eval: fp;
func unary -> Int {
return unaryReturn;
var String fp = "";
var Int unaryReturn = 0;
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