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package metaobjectTest
Annotation 'createPrototype' creates one or two prototypes in the
current package given their names. It can be used
@createPrototype(prototypeName1, codeForPrototypeName1)
@createPrototype(prototypeName1, codeForPrototypeName1,
prototypeName2, codeForPrototypeName2)
prototypeName1 is created in phase dpa, and
prototypeName2 is created in phase afti.
object CreatePrototype
"package metaobjectTest\nobject Dragon\n func get -> Int { return 0 }\n\nend",
"package metaobjectTest\nobject Elf\n func get -> String { return \"Elf !\" }\n\nend"
func run {
let Dragon dragon = Dragon new;
assert dragon get == 0;
assert Elf() get == "Elf !";
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