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Created Jun 14, 2019
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package metaobjectTest
Annotation 'log', when attached to a prototype P, without paramters,
adds a statement to each method 'm':
"Calling method 'm' of prototype 'P'" println
The same result is got by attaching 'log' to method 'm'
Annotation may take a single parameter that is either an identifier
or a String. The metaobject creates a hashtable HmetCount of type
HashMap<String, Int>
and inserts it in the global table with the key that is the identifier.
In the hashtable HmetCount, each key is a full method name of the form
The value is an Int with the number of times the method was called.
See the example below to discover how to use the tables.
object Log
func run {
one: 0 two: 1;
self one: 0 two: 1;
self three: "a", "b", "c";
self three: "a", "b", "c";
self three: "a", "b", "c";
cast mapStrDyn = System globalTable get: "mylog" {
var HashMap<String, Int> logMap = mapStrDyn;
for elem in logMap asArray {
// Tuple<key, K, value, V>
Out println: "Method: " ++ elem key ++
" Count: " ++ elem value;
func zero {
func one: Int n two: Int nn { }
func three: String a, String b, String c {
var s = "after calling 'three'";
assert s size > 10;
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