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Created Jun 22, 2018
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Metaobject Type
package metaobjectTest
Annotation 'type' should be attached to a type. It works
much like a language-C typedef but without the explicit
declaration. Every type T@type(id) is compatible only with literals
and types annotated with T@type(id) (both should have the same 'id').
object Type
func run {
var Int@type(inBytes) size = 100;
var Int@type(inBytes) otherSize = size;
// the line below, if uncommented,
// causes a compiler error
// var Int@type(inKbytes) sizeKb = size;
// ok, inBytes to Int
var Int n = size;
// if uncommented, compiler error:
// value of raw type, Int, is assigned
// to inBytes
// size = n;
// if uncommented, compiler error:
// value of inKbytes is assigned
// to inBytes
// size = sizeKb;
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