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package metaobjectTest
Annotation 'getProgramValueFromKey' is String expression. It is
"" if its parameter is not a program key. If it is, the expression
is the value associated to the key in the program but
transformed into a string by either method toString of Java or
method asString of Cyan.
object GetProgramValueFromKey
func run {
The project file, p.pyan, has the contents
@setVariable(debug, "yes")
@setVariable(author, "Jose")
// elided
// elided
@setVariable(test, create)
@setVariable(goal, "Test all metaobjects")
package metaobjectTest
// elided
Therefore the program variable 'debug' is associated
to "yes" and 'author' to "Jose".
var String value = @getProgramValueFromKey(debug);
assert value == "yes";
value = @getProgramValueFromKey(author);
assert value == "Jose";
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