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Metaobjects addCodeToGenericPrototype and AddCodeFromMetaobject
package metaobjectTest
@addCodeFromMetaobject is in prototype Array. The annotation
addCodeToGenericPrototype gives the code to be added to the
array of prototype AddCodeFromMetaobject.
@addCodeToGenericPrototype("Array", " func sumAll -> Int"){*
func sumAll -> Int {
var Int s = 0;
for elem in self {
s = s + elem getValue;
return s
object AddCodeFromMetaobject
// methods getValue and setValue: will be added to prototype
@property Int value = 0;
func init {
func run {
var array = [
AddCodeFromMetaobject(1), AddCodeFromMetaobject(2),
AddCodeFromMetaobject(3) ];
/* method sumAll will be added to Array<AddCodeFromMetaobject> by
metaobject addCodeFromMetaobject. This method was passed by
annotation addCodeToGenericPrototype of this prototype
assert array sumAll == 6;
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