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Metaobject changeFunctionForMethod
package metaobjectTest
This metaobject should only be attached to methods 'functionForMethod:1' and
'functionForMethodWithSelf:1' of Any. It replaces method calls to these
methods by an anonymous function. If the parameter of 'functionForMethod:1' is
a literal string "m:1", then the code that
replaces the method call is
{ (: T elem :) receiver m: elem }
T is the type of the parameter of method "m:1", which should be
func m: T p { ... }
object ChangeFunctionForMethod
func run {
var typeof(self) p = ChangeFunctionForMethod();
assert (p functionForMethod: "zero") eval == 0;
assert (p functionForMethod: "addOne:1") eval: 4 == 5;
assert (p functionForMethodWithSelf: "zero") eval: p == 0;
assert (p functionForMethodWithSelf: "addOne:1") eval: p eval: 4 == 5;
func zero -> Int = 0;
func addOne: Int n -> Int = n + 1;
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