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package metaobjectTest
This is a literal number annotation, an identifier follows a literal
number. The syntax for this annotation is
n_base_N or n_BASE_N or n_Base_N
in which 'n' is a literal number in base 2 to 36 and N is the literal
number that is the base, in base 10. 'n' can have numbers, underscores, and letters
but, if it has letters, it should start with a number (otherwise the
compiler will consider it as an identifier). Both '_' in n_base_N are
optional. Of course, something like
is illegal because the compiler would consider that the metaobject name
is 'Abase'. The metaobject uses method
Integer.valueOf(n, N)
to parse the number 'n' in base N.
object Number_base
func run {
assert 101base2 == 5;
assert 0FF_base_16 == 255;
assert 0FF_FF_BASE16 == 65535;
assert 11_base_8 == 9;
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