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plots multiple y axes on one graph
def plot_multi(data, cols=None, spacing=.1, **kwargs):
from pandas import plotting
# Get default color style from pandas - can be changed to any other color list
if cols is None: cols = data.columns
if len(cols) == 0: return
colors = getattr(getattr(plotting, '_style'), '_get_standard_colors')(num_colors=len(cols))
# First axis
ax = data.loc[:, cols[0]].plot(label=cols[0], color=colors[0], **kwargs)
lines, labels = ax.get_legend_handles_labels()
for n in range(1, len(cols)):
# Multiple y-axes
ax_new = ax.twinx()
ax_new.spines['right'].set_position(('axes', 1 + spacing * (n - 1)))
data.loc[:, cols[n]].plot(ax=ax_new, label=cols[n], color=colors[n % len(colors)])
# set x and y values
# Proper legend position
line, label = ax_new.get_legend_handles_labels()
lines += line
labels += label
ax.legend(lines, labels, loc=0)
return ax
# plot all columns
# format data if you need
data = pd.DataFrame(dict(
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