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Last active July 12, 2023 06:27
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Tri-Planar Unity Terrain Shader
/*Please do support by joining the facebook page :
Legal Stuff:
This code is free to use no restrictions but attribution would be appreciated.
Any damage caused either partly or completly due to usage this stuff is not my responsibility*/
Shader "BitshiftProgrammer/TriPlanarTerrain"
Properties {
_TransitionFalloff ("Transition Falloff", Range(0.01, 10.0)) = 4.0
[HideInInspector] _Control ("Control (RGBA)", 2D) = "red" {}
[HideInInspector] _Splat3 ("Layer 3 (A)", 2D) = "white" {}
[HideInInspector] _Splat2 ("Layer 2 (B)", 2D) = "white" {}
[HideInInspector] _Splat1 ("Layer 1 (G)", 2D) = "white" {}
[HideInInspector] _Splat0 ("Layer 0 (R)", 2D) = "white" {}
[HideInInspector] _Normal3 ("Normal 3 (A)", 2D) = "bump" {}
[HideInInspector] _Normal2 ("Normal 2 (B)", 2D) = "bump" {}
[HideInInspector] _Normal1 ("Normal 1 (G)", 2D) = "bump" {}
[HideInInspector] _Normal0 ("Normal 0 (R)", 2D) = "bump" {}
// used in fallback on old cards & base map
[HideInInspector] _MainTex ("BaseMap (RGB)", 2D) = "white" {}
[HideInInspector] _Color ("Main Color", Color) = (1,1,1,1)
#pragma surface surf Lambert vertex:SplatmapVert finalcolor:SplatmapFinalColor finalprepass:SplatmapFinalPrepass finalgbuffer:SplatmapFinalGBuffer noinstancing
#pragma multi_compile_fog
#include "TerrainSplatmapCommon.cginc"
float _TransitionFalloff;
void surf(Input IN, inout SurfaceOutput o)
half4 splat_control; // Determines where each of the textures show up and by how much
half weight; // A bit complicated thing, But it supports more than 4 textures to be used on the terrain by providing o.Alpha with weight value.
fixed4 mixedDiffuse; //Will be the color output after putting on all the splat maps
SplatmapMix(IN, splat_control, weight, mixedDiffuse, o.Normal); //The actual function that puts the splat map texture on the terrain, Outputs color value into mixedDiffuse.
fixed3 col1 = tex2D(_Splat0, IN.uv_Splat0); // Takes color from from first texture applied on Terrain
fixed3 col2 = tex2D(_Splat1, IN.uv_Splat1); // Takes color from from second texture applied on Terrain
float upwardNormalStr = dot(half3(0, 1, 0), o.Normal) * 0.5 + 0.5; // How much the normal at that point faces upwards. Changed from -1.0 to +1.0 range to 0.0 to +1.0
upwardNormalStr = pow(upwardNormalStr, _TransitionFalloff); // Larger _TransitionFalloff makes a sharper transition
fixed4 triPlanarColor = fixed4(lerp(col1, col2, upwardNormalStr), 1.0); // Chooses the appropriate color based on the normal
/*splat_control is used to determine which texture goes where.
The Red & Green channel strength determines where & how much the _Splat0 & _Splat1 textures show up.
Since we are manually overriding the placement of the first two textures we have to perform some check*/
float extentOfRedAndGreen = dot(half2(1,1), splat_control.rg) * 0.5 + 0.5; // 0 :- Means no Red or Green, 1:- Means alot of Red or Green
extentOfRedAndGreen = pow(extentOfRedAndGreen, 4); // Making the value sharper to prevent artifacts
o.Albedo = lerp(mixedDiffuse, triPlanarColor, extentOfRedAndGreen);
o.Alpha = weight; // To support more than 4 textures, Not sure exactly how though.
"Queue" = "Geometry-99"
"RenderType" = "Opaque"
// TODO: Seems like "#pragma target 3.0 _TERRAIN_NORMAL_MAP" can't fallback correctly on less capable devices?
// Use two sub-shaders to simulate different features for different targets and still fallback correctly.
SubShader { // for sm3.0+ targets
#pragma target 3.0
#pragma multi_compile __ _TERRAIN_NORMAL_MAP
SubShader { // for sm2.0 targets
Dependency "AddPassShader" = "Hidden/TerrainEngine/Splatmap/Diffuse-AddPass"
Dependency "BaseMapShader" = "Diffuse"
Dependency "Details0" = "Hidden/TerrainEngine/Details/Vertexlit"
Dependency "Details1" = "Hidden/TerrainEngine/Details/WavingDoublePass"
Dependency "Details2" = "Hidden/TerrainEngine/Details/BillboardWavingDoublePass"
Dependency "Tree0" = "Hidden/TerrainEngine/BillboardTree"
Fallback "Diffuse"
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I'm getting two errors in Unity 2019.2.9f1. Any thoughts?

  • invalid subscript 'uv_Splat0' at line 38 (on d3d11)
  • 'tex2D': no matching 2 parameter intrinsic function; Possible intrinsic functions are: tex2D(sampler2D, float2|half2|min10float2|min16float2) tex2D(sampler2D, float2|half2|min10float2|min16float2, float2|half2|min10float2|min16float2, float2|half2|min10float2|min16float2) at line 38 (on d3d11)

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