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Last active October 1, 2019 11:19
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Drupal 9 compatibility drupalci-.yml
# This file customizes the steps that DrupalCI will use when testing this project.
# The primary customization provided here is to check for deprecation errors. It is recommended
# to do this only when you've used to verify any
# existing deprecation errors are addressed.
# Learn to make one for your own project:
# phpcs will use core's specified version of Coder.
sniff-all-files: true
halt-on-fail: false
# run_tests task is executed several times in order of performance speeds.
# halt-on-fail can be set on the run_tests tasks in order to fail fast.
# suppress-deprecations is false in order to be alerted to usages of
# deprecated code.
types: 'Simpletest,PHPUnit-Unit,PHPUnit-Kernel,PHPUnit-Functional'
testgroups: '--all'
suppress-deprecations: false
types: 'PHPUnit-FunctionalJavascript'
testgroups: '--all'
suppress-deprecations: false
nightwatchjs: { }
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I think the point made (by @goba) was that suddenly turning DrupalCI on for thousands of new projects (if we ask sprinters to add patches for the "known good" modules) would be the resource hog.

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